The Classic

The Classic

SKU: 1956

This southwest designed woolen bag is 10.5"wide by 12" long and easily fits a full size ipad or tablet.  It sports a roomy nylon center pocket that is surrounded by two wool pockets front and back.  The back pocket is divided into two easy access spaces.  The woolen zippered front pocket keeps valuables safe and secure.  Made with rich woolen fabrics sourced in Pendleton, Oregon.  The hand tooled leather accent and conchos add that something special to an already classic bag.  And as usual we source all our wool from Pendleton, Oregon.

  • Helpful care instructions:

    The wool outer pockets can be cleaned by a mild cleanser like Woolite.  However, the lanolin in wool naturally repels most stains so try a lightly damp cloth or vacuum first. Use a dampened cloth to clean and care for the Cordura nylon inner bag, as well as the leather embellishments.